A good way for a long and happy life? Find out more about life of the Greek!

In this text you will learn about the habits of the Greek during meals. What is “Siga siga”? What is a Greek siesta? How can you make your life as carefree and long as the people of Greece?

1. Meal habits and what we find on the Greek table.

2. Siesta and family life.

3. “Siga siga”, how to enjoy life?

4. A typical Greek day.

Customs during meals and what we can see on the Greek table.

On the Greek table, we will not find traditional Polish tablecloths,  but a  white sheet instead. They like a variety of plates and cutlery. Each element is different. During the meal, discussions are in full swing. No one cares about manners. When someone finishes first he unscrupulously launch a cigarette. When it comes to food, no one cares about the details on the plate, they insist for simplicity and taste. The meal times in Greece differ from those in Poland. The Greek  do not prefer breakfast. They usually  drink only a cup of coffee on their way to work. Between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. they have lunch. They eat late  dinner , after at 8 p.m. and it is the most important meal for them.

Siesta and family life.

In Greece, there is a siesta throughout the year.  It usually lasts from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Cities and villages streets and rounds  are empty.  People respect the peace of others and at this time for example. They avoided from talking loudly, moving the lawn or doing  loud household jobs. During the summer the temperature  often exceeds 35 degrees C, therefore they work only before the term of sjesta. The Greek are a very family  people. They value relationships with loved ones. It is really important for them to meet regularly.The family always comes first. They  especially  love children and are happy to spend a lot of time with them.   

“Siga siga”, or how to live carefree?

“Siga siga”, or slow life. This is the main life’s motto for the Greek. They do not like rush and stress. They believe that time should  pass slowly. They enjoy  the present moments. They not scratch old wounds.  They celebrate every free moment of the day. ‘Siga siga” for the Greek is something completely natural and they can not imagine to live so fast as Polish people . Thanks to that their lives are peaceful and carefree and are long and happily.

A typical Greek day.

The Polish monotonous lifestyle is completely different from the way Greek people are. Hellas are very helpful and they love spending  time together. Here you can see that lack of the timetable is the best solution for them. Greek day starts early with a strong cup of  coffee and goes straight to the daily routine. They work briefly but intensely.  They are considered the most hardworking nation. They do their job 100% and they separate personal and professional life. During the whole day they live with snacks. They eat  a decent meal only for dinner at a common table. Their evenings are long, they go to play in taverns or spend this time with their loved ones.

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