Coffee drinking culture in Greece

Coffee is the favorite drink of the Greeks. It often replaces breakfast, but is also drunk with lunch and dinner. In short, there is no bad time to drink it. Greeks like to meet over coffee and combine it with a cigarette. Characteristic words are “Pame gia kafe?”, meaning “Do you want to go for a coffee?”.

Coffee comes in various types of sweetness, defined as:

skietos – no sugar

me oligi – half a teaspoon of sugar

metrios – with one teaspoon of sugar

glycos – with two teaspoons of sugar.

Coffee can be with milk “me gala” or without “horis gala”.

A method of preparing

Traditionally, this drink is prepared in a crucible called briki, heated on the sand, but this is no longer the practice due to its time-consuming nature.

Today it is brewed in the following way:

1. Put the briki on the hot burner and mix water, coffee and sugar in it.

2. Cook slowly over low heat, but do not stir it anymore. A well-brewed coffee will have foam on top.

3. Pour the coffee into a cup. Serve it with a glass of water and something sweet.

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