Market in Leptokaria

Despite the availability of many products in supermarkets, many Greeks choose to shop at fairs. Recently we had the opportunity to visit such a market. In this entry we will share with you our observations and impressions from the trip.

Table of contents:

  1. Market – organization.
  2. What will we buy at the market?

1. Fair – organization.

The market in Leptokaria is located next to the railroad station. Every Tuesday, farmers set up their stations along the streets. From 8 o’clock they unpack the products and wait for the shopping to start, around 9 o’clock the customers start coming. The market usually ends at 1 p.m. at the most. The market square is divided into two parts: food and industrial-economic.

2. What will we buy at the market?

On the market located in Leptokaria there are many colorful vegetables and exotic fruits such as pomegranates, figs, kiwi or freshly picked oranges and tangerines and even chestnuts. At the market we can also get various regional products such as feta cheese, spices and jams. There is also a wide range of gluten, from small, chocolate-covered, to large two kilos with almonds. As befits Greece, the marketplace is dominated by stalls with oil and olives. They were present in all possible flavors, from sweet to bitter and were decorated with beautiful shades of green and violet.

  Adults can buy various kinds of homemade tinctures, e.g. from kiwi, pomegranate or watermelon, as well as homemade wines with different degrees of sweetness. Next to the stands with sweets there were stalls with nuts – almonds and pistachios as well as Italian. We went to this charming marketplace to look for ingredients for a Greek salad. We found everything we needed: tomatoes, olives, peppers, cucumber, feta cheese, oregano and onions.

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